Camp Fort Greene was founded to provide a high quality, low-cost summer experience for neighborhood children.

At Camp Fort Greene, counselors help young people reach their fullest potential in a warm, nurturing environment where children grow, discover, and, most importantly, play.  Camp Fort Greene recognizes children’s inherent sense of wonder, creativity, and thirst for knowledge. Counselors support our campers but encourage children to feel a certain bold confidence in their own abilities, as we know that, given the right tools for investigation and research, they are fully capable of figuring things out on their own. Camp Fort Greene also honors the hazy, lazy, dream-like quality of July and August. We have a high regard and respect for daydreams. We value the fine art of spinning around and around until the spinner becomes dizzy and collapses in a heap of breathless giggles. We seek dandelions to pluck and blow into a summer breeze. We want our campers to know the wonder of friendship, enjoy the beauty of the natural world, and experience

the magic of summer.

REgistration for summer 2019 is COMING SOON !