Greeneprints Inc. is the 501c3 not-for-profit organization that runs Camp Fort Greene and Tech Fort Greene. Donations to Greeneprints are 100 % tax deductible and go directly to fulfilling our mission to provide high quality, low-cost youth programming to children in diverse communities.

Greeneprints Mission

The intention of Greeneprints is to maximize the culture of giving that is an inherent aspect of our core business values. Greeneprints enables us to enter relationships with community institutions, and in those partnerships build opportunities for young people to learn, grow, and play through our programs like Camp Fort Greene and Tech Fort Greene. The intentionality of our programming in the areas of art, environmental stewardship, gardening, sports, science, and technology, offers opportunities to help young people leave their mark on the world. The prints of the young people we serve are green(e) because of our commitment to the environment and Greene because our business was founded in Brooklyn’s dynamic Fort Greene community. 

In all the communities we serve, now and in the future, we want young people to draft their own blueprints for the future. What will the world they inhabit as adults look like? At Greeneprints, we believe in young people’s ability to design and execute a powerful, fresh vision of their own to guide them as they journey forward.