"I want to make sure you know that we thought this summer was particularly wonderful. Lucy LOVED camp. Thank you very much for a great summer. The counselors and organization of the day/activities and email updates - was so good. I really can't say enough about how great your staff was."

- Camp Fort Greene Parent September 2016


"What a wonderful week of camp you all had last week!  Opaline and Elodie had a great time.  What a nice balance of outdoor and indoor projects you guys have put together for the kids. The counselors were all so caring and fun loving. Great photos!"

- Camp Fort Greene Parent July 2016


"Parents searching for a cost-effective local Summer Day Camp need to look no further than Camp Fort Greene!"  

- A Child Grows In Brooklyn - 6/16/14


"Ryder is LOVING your camp. When I’d ask him what he did at school earlier this year he’d say “nothing”. But when I ask him how camp was, he says 'very good'! We did this and this and this and…"

- Camp Fort Greene Parent


"Twyla loved her time at camp! She still talks about her great teachers and her camp friends. Thanks for such a great experience!!!"

- Camp Fort Greene Parent


"Violet is REALLY ENJOYING CAMP!!!  You guys have really put together quite an amazing program for these little ones.  THANK YOU!"

- Camp Fort Greene Parent


"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for giving Charlene such a wonderful week of camp. She truly loved it all and has begged for more. I will have to look over the schedule and see if we can squeeze in another week, but I just wanted to thank you and your team for a great week. Charlene has never talked fondly of soccer before this week, and now I seem to have a little athlete on my hands – astounding!"

- Camp Fort Greene Parent