Celebrate the magic of water, earth, air - even fire. Campers will conduct science-based inquiry projects to discover the wonders of the four elements. Soccer, sprinklers, gardening, and library time fill each week with dynamic summer fun.

Week 1: Earth

What exactly is soil and how does composting improve it? What living things live beneath the earth we walk on? The earth and our local park and gardens provide our campers with an extraordinary opportunity for exploration. Our campers will begin tending to the soil and planting seeds. Our campers will also learn about composting with a visiting workshop from Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Week 2: Water

Water is our source of life—and summer enjoyment! Our campers will cool off with water experiments. In addition to our weekly Splash Day, our campers will investigate and build their own water and ice systems.

Week 3: Sky

It’s a bird….It’s a plane…It’s our experiments flying through the air! We will spend our week focused on propulsion and flight. Through catapults, rockets and airplanes we will take over the Brooklyn skies!

Week 4: Weather

“What is the weather like today?” Weather plays an integral role in our summer experiences. Campers will learn about weather systems and storms and recreate them on a mini scale.

Week 5: Fire

Fire and Ice! We will investigate the balance between summer heat and icy cold. Our research will show us how the heat and cold can change the color or texture of our samples. We will also visit the neighborhood firehouse to learn about fire safety.

Week 6: Sun

Here Comes the Sun, our biggest summer star! Our campers will harness the incredible power of the sun this week through experiments in solar power, heat, sun dials and more!

Week 7: Summer Magic

Campers will experience  an entire week of summer fun! They will enjoy active mornings as they play classic field games, run relay races, jump rope, and swirl hula hoops. Afternoons will be time for board games, cards, and play time on local playgrounds.